In our survey, women were much less likely to statement having got sexual activity than just was men

People was indeed likely to be than women to fairly share love regarding an enthusiastic unanticipated pregnancy. A guy who impregnates a woman can be subject to disapproval regarding several of his peers, however, he is the item off enjoy and you will envy away from anyone else. While the a kid into the an effective Kingston attention class noticed, « The good of those would inquire him why your would such as for instance a procedure, him should’ve wait. Nevertheless bad of those carry out huge your up-and say ‘gwan kid, you get a kid!’ and you will them wish to try it. »

One of functioning-group Jamaicans, extremely common for kids, such those people produced to teenage mothers, to get elevated from the maternal granny or other relative. eleven Of numerous teenagers from the attract communities, specifically girls, felt that a teen mom’s very own mom perform play an important part into the raising the woman daughter’s child. Females said that an expecting teenager’s mom is horribly enraged to start with and you will carry out stop her daughter out of our home, but you to definitely in the course of time she would accept new pregnancy which help increase the child. Many women imagine a father or mother carry out remind the lady child to continue the woman education following the kid was created: « If i are mom, I might a make she has actually [the little one] right after which post the girl to university, » a female required.

One another children seen parenthood because a critical starting and you can was extremely told concerning the certain duties necessary out-of a unique moms and dad. Girls particularly was basically aware of work involved in compassionate to possess an infant. In one interest group, a girl said, « The little one carry out wake the girl from the night, and also in the latest day she goin’ to want to sleep. » Women managed one to an early on woman need children simply whenever this lady has accomplished college and has a jobs. Many expressed fear of the cost of raising a young child, in addition to their discussions suggested that they be prepared to financially assistance by themselves and their youngsters. Zero girls ever before mentioned the new role of an excellent child’s dad, recommending why these women take a look at childbearing because things a lady does versus help from a person. Only one lady (with no men) said relationships preceding childbirth.

Even before it enter the teenage ages, this new intimate perceptions and you will behavior of more youthful Jamaican kids was indeed somewhat shaped by the sociocultural and you can gender norms that send contradictory texts from the sex and you can enforce different requirements out-of decisions to own people and you can female

Males as well as spoken issues about focus organizations in regards to the economic load one to a kid stands for, however they gave men much more credit than people did concerning role an adolescent father would be to and you can do gamble in trying support their boy. « Your would have to prevent off college or university and you will really works, so your can be the best infant-dad, » stated you to definitely child. Certain men envision the prospect of becoming a father would motivate a child to behave even more maturely and you will sensibly.


The desire-group conclusions reveal that men understand societal encouragement and you will tension so you can feel intimately energetic, when you are lady that have intercourse, particularly if a maternity reveals their intercourse, are called that have bad ethical profile. Brand new frequency away from intimate sense certainly twelve-year-old boys in this studies are believe it or not higher, that is like one viewed certainly one of people aged fifteen-17 regarding the 1997 Jamaica Reproductive Wellness Questionnaire. twelve Considering the societal perks bestowed into the sexually active people and you will the latest stigma linked to intimately hobby one of girls, it’s likely that men overstated new extent of the intimate experience; simultaneously, females could have hesitated to disclose its intimate sense. Nonetheless, the differences within the reported choices between the men and women within study are nevertheless striking.

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